Events Calendar

Here are the planned events for Term 2 and Term 3:


Download version: Events Calendar 2019-2020


Month Year Group Event Title Date Day
January Whole school Crazy Hair day 16-Jan Thursday
January SMT – Leaders Coffee Morning 23-Jan Thursday
January Whole school International week 26-30 – Jan  Whole Week
January Whole school International Day Celebration 30-Jan Thursday
February Whole school Prayer 02-Feb Sunday
February FS Sport’s day 09-Feb Sunday
February KS2 Sport’s day 10-Feb Monday
February Whole school Parents meeting 13-Feb Thursday
February KS1 French breakfast 26-Feb Wednesday
February KS2 French breakfast 27-Feb Thursday
March SMT – Leaders Coffee Morning 09-Mar Monday
March Whole school Science week 08-12-Mar Whole Week
March Whole school Science day 12-Mar Thursday
March Whole school Mother’s day 19-Mar Thursday
March Whole school Term Assessment 22-26-Mar Whole Week
March Whole school Movie night 26-Mar Thursday
April Admin Term 2 reports out 02-Apr Thursday
April Whole school Autism awareness day – Blue Day 02-Apr Thursday
April Whole school Earth day 16-Apr Thursday
April Whole school Book week 19-23-Apr Whole Week
April SMT – Leaders Coffee Morning 20-Apr Monday
April Whole school Book Character Day 23-Apr Thursday
May Whole school Iftar night 07-May Thursday
May Whole school Parents conference 21-May Thursday
June Whole school Assessment week 7-11-Jun Whole Week
June FS2 and Year 6 Graduation 18-Jun Thursday
June Admin Term 3 reports out 18-Jun Thursday