At Spectra Global School, we follow the British Curriculum for the subjects taught through the medium of English (English, Mathematics, Science, ICT, Geography/History, Art and Design, Music, Physical Education and Citizenship). The National Curriculum for Qatar is followed for the teaching of Arabic, Islamic Education and Qatari History. We use the framework supplied by the Cambridge Primary to develop English, Mathematics and Science skills and knowledge in young children. We follow the Cambridge Primary guidance for curriculum development and classroom teaching and learning and assessments.


  • The Cambridge Primary Curriculum Framework. Through this framework our teachers develop high quality programmes for teaching English, Maths and Science.
  • We follow the Cambridge Primary Progression Tests which are available and follow the progress of students over time and analyse performance within their classes and against an external benchmark.
  • Cambridge Checkpoint which will be taken by students at the end of their final year of primary education. CIE will moderate this test and issue students with Certificates of Achievement.


  • Preparation for Secondary School
  • External Benchmark
  • International Curriculum

Students are assessed at entry to the school and then on a continuous basis throughout the year. We ensure that our teachers keep parents updated on their children’s progress through individual appointments, the school diary and on Parent/Teacher Conference days.

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