Entrance Tests

The aim of the entrance tests is to identify potential in your child. We are looking for well-rounded pupils with a genuine interest in education in the broadest sense of the word, with interests that stretch beyond the confines of the academic curriculum. The school is looking for students who have other interests in sports, drama, art, community activities and debate. There are many extra-curricular activities, all of which are important in developing a well-balanced, confident individual.

Admission to Spectra Global School is by selective examination, interview and report from your child’s current school.

Subject to places being available, applications for full fee-paying places are accepted throughout the year.

To apply, please complete our online application form, and a member of a registration will be touch. There is a non-refundable fee of 300QAR.

How is my child assessed?

Nursery to Year 2 assessments are quite informal as these children are still very young. For entrants to Year 1 and Year 2, we are continuing to look at children’s potential and readiness to learn. We may also ask these entrants to do some reading and number work while they are here.

Junior School assessments comprise of written tests in numeracy, literacy and a multiple choice non-verbal reasoning paper. The children will spend some of the day in a current class to allow them to get a feel for the school. This child-friendly environment gives them the opportunity to make new friends, play out and work in a less pressured environment.

Once an offer has been made and accepted, students will be invited to attend an Open Day, to meet their teacher and peers, prior to starting at the school in September.