Primary School

Year 1 to Year 3 (Ages 5-7)

As they join the Primary School, your child’s passion for learning, gained in the Foundation Stage, will be encouraged and developed as they enter a more structured day.

Our Subject Specialists, as well as their Class Teacher, will stretch your child’s thinking, developing their abilities to observe, question and engage in investigative work across all curriculum areas.

As your child learns to make decisions and seeks greater independence in their learning, we will continue to stretch the range of challenges that they are given. Your child will be encouraged to explore key topics across the subject areas, building their depth of understanding.

Language proficiency is a priority at Spectra from the early years and will continue to be led by specialist teachers as we focus on building communication skills in English, Arabic and other Modern Foreign Languages.

Through a strong programme of expressive arts, your child will continue to develop their imagination and express themselves confidently and creatively. We encourage all of our students to be involved in school performances, both individually and as part of a group.

These provide your child with opportunities to build social skills and their confidence whilst learning to work collaboratively to deliver success.

The Spectra Enrichment Programme is carefully designed to offer a wide range of choices including academic, creative and sporting options. We aim to ignite new passions as well as extending existing interests and building skills to support future success.

In Year 3 your child will be assigned a Personal Tutor who is committed to supporting and mentoring a small group of children as they work towards their goals.

As they progress through Year 3, your child will be increasingly encouraged to manage their time and personal learning goals so that they can organise themselves as they investigate the curriculum in greater depth, ready for the transition to Year 4.

Year 4 to Year 6 (Ages 8-10)

During the Upper Years of our Primary School, your child will continue to be encouraged and challenged within a more rigorous academic framework.

We expect that our students will become increasingly capable of organising their own learning, understanding their goals and knowing when to ask for more help or guidance. Our students will be able to identify their learning strengths, identify areas for growth, and develop successful strategies to achieve their goals both academic and personal.

Self-expression through engagement with the arts will allow students to strengthen their self-awareness and cultural identity. As sophisticated language users, our students will engage in debates and discussions both locally and, with the use of technology, as part of a wider global audience.

Our Students will be confident to face future challenges with determination and enthusiasm. They will demonstrate a commitment to contributing to their community as a global citizen and their role as leaders within it.

As they prepare to enter into the Secondary School, our students will have developed the skill set, attitudes and knowledge to transition from their role as learners to leaders and will be eager and confident to use them.